Bore Snake .22 to .45 Caliber

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Bore Snake .22 to .45 Caliber


All-in-One Bore Snake .22 to .45 Caliber is perfect for everyday use, when you are short on time or in the field, to ensure your firearm is kept in safe working condition.

Bore Snakes are easy to use combining all cleaning processes into one.

  • The brass weighted drop-through cord slips easily down the barrel.
  • The initial floss area removes loose grit and debris.
  • Built-in bore brushes scrub deposits from the barrel.
  • The main floss area completes the final clean and lubrication of the bore.

Solvent compatible, the All-in-One Bore Snake does it all in one pass.

Washable, and reusable you will get the maximum value out of this Bore Snake.

Variants for: .22/.30/.32/.38/.380/.357/9mm/.40/ .41/.44/.45



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